4 Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Back Injury and Pain

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Back pain is an extremely common problem that most people will experience at some point during their lives. However, for some people, back pain is a chronic condition caused by spinal injuries. While not all spinal injuries can be easily avoided, like those caused by car or work-related accidents, steps can be taken to avoid them in other areas of your everyday life.


Sit Properly

With office jobs so widespread these days, more people than ever are spending their entire work week sitting in a chair. As the day wears on, prolonged periods of sitting cause your posture suffer, making you more likely to slouch. Over time, this not only weakens the supporting muscles along the spine but also strains the discs between the vertebrae. The discs become inflamed and can eventually change position or rupture, resulting in spine pain. If you find it difficult to maintain good posture when sitting for long periods, investing in an ergonomic chair or back support can help significantly.

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Consider Your Mattress

If you struggle with frequent back pain but you can’t identify an obvious cause, you might want to consider whether your mattress could be to blame. Old mattresses sag, creating pressure points that push the spine out of its proper alignment during sleep. This can cause daytime back stiffness and inflame the vertebral discs. Replacing your mattress may resolve the issue as well as giving you a better night’s sleep.


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Use Correct Form When Lifting

If you’re lifting an object from the ground, you must take care to use proper form, particularly if the item is of significant weight. Many people make the mistake of simply bending over at the waist to lift an object. However, attempting to do this with heavy objects is asking for an injury. The lower back is not designed to take the strain, so the spine and surrounding tissues may be strained, torn or otherwise damaged. When lifting, squat down, keep your back straight and push up from your knees, not your hips or back.


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Ditch the Heavy Handbag

large purseLarge purses may be convenient for you, but your back isn’t such a fan of them. Not only are these bags heavy on their own but they also encourage you to overfill them. The weight of the purse itself plus whatever you’re carrying in it shifts more weight to that side of your body, forcing the back muscles and spine to compensate and keep you steady. This makes the muscles along the spine become tight, creating tension and pain. Over time, this muscle tightness could even pull your spine out of alignment. It’s strongly recommended to use a reasonably sized purse whenever possible. If you must carry more or heavier items, consider using a small rolling suitcase to minimise physical strain.

Spine pain is never a pleasant condition to live with. It can resolve on its own with rest and care in many cases, but some instances may necessitate spine treatment. Incorporating some of these tips into your job and lifestyle practices can help you avoid injury and discomfort. See more about spine pain treatment & surgery by Sgbonedoctor.com