Achieve an Attractive V-Shaped Face with Botox for Jaw Reduction

While a square, angular jawline is often considered a desirable trait in men, many women are turning to Botox for jawline tapering in order to achieve an attractive, oval shaped face.

A wide jaw is often the result of overdevelopment of the masseter muscles, which are located on both sides of the face. The masseter muscles play a major role in the chewing of food. Just like any other muscle of the body or face, they can get large from overuse. Some people have naturally larger muscles in this area. Chewing gum or hard meats can lead to overdevelopment of these muscles. People who grind their teeth at night can actually develop a squared look to their face due to hypertrophy of the masseters. There are other muscles involved in chewing in addition to the masseters, so undergoing jawline tapering with Botox should not interfere with the normal chewing of food.


With the use of Botox, jaw reduction is achieved because the botulinum toxin type A is injected into the masseter muscles. Just as when it is injected into the forehead to smooth wrinkles, Botox will relax these jaw muscles and the overlying skin by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. When these signals are blocked, the selected muscles cannot contract. Since the muscles will not be as active as they would be without the Botox, over time they will become smaller and result in a tapering of the face. Some results are typically seen within one week after treatment, though it can take longer to see full results because the muscles take time to slim down.


Injecting botox into the masseter muscles

Botox jaw reduction is a desirable alternative to invasive surgical jaw reduction. Surgical jaw reduction involves shaving of the jaw bone, or even removal of parts of the thick masseter muscles. This has a much longer recovery time as well as a higher risk of complications. Many people are able to get jawline tapering injections on their lunch break and return to work without a problem, although there is the possibility of bruising, swelling or soreness after receiving Botox injections.

Reduction of the jaw with Botox is a safe, effective procedure for achieving significant slimming of the jawline.