Botox Tips/Advice

Botox (1)

Everyone is getting it, but nobody’s talking about it. Why? Are they too embarrassed to admit it? In this day and age, minimal to non-invasive cosmetic procedures have revolutionized the way to turn back the hands of time with minimal to no downtime.

botox-costHow Does Botox Work?
Botox fillers are very effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Botox works by blocking movement of the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. These are the kind of wrinkles you get when you move your face, such as the lines you get around your eyes when you squint or the wrinkles you get in your forehead when you furrow your brow.

On the other hand, static wrinkles are the wrinkles hat you see when your face is relaxed. These lines are etched in your skin all the time, whether you are making facial expressions or not. Although Botox can’t change the appearance of static lines, long-term use can help prevent static wrinkles from deepening.

Botox is usually used for wrinkles in the upper portion of the face (i.e. glabellar, forehead and eyes), but it can used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in other parts of the face when injected by a skilled physician.

In addition, non-surgical rhinoplasty can be performed by using nose fillers, usually in the form hyaluronic acid. By injecting fillers around the nose, physicians are able to augment the shape of the patient’s nose.

choosing-a-physicianChoosing a Physician
You’ve finally decided to undergo Botox injections, but you need find a board certified physician. Ideally, you should “shop around” and find a physician who is highly qualified in giving Botox injections. Most cosmetic surgeons offer free consultations to new clients, so don’t hesitate to book several appointments throughout a week or two before deciding on a doctor to perform your procedure.

Although there are many specialists who may advertise as being experts in the Botox biz, only certified doctor or nurse under physician supervision. Ultimately you should feel comfortable with your doctor and their staff. Ask about their procedures and follow up protocol and don’t feel embarrassed to leave if you’re just not feeling the vibes of a certain office. If you have any inkling that something just seems off with the physician, trust you gut feeling and have another opinion before undergoing Botox.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. While budget shouldn’t be the ultimate determining factor in the physician you choose to administer your Botox injections, it undoubtedly will play a role in who you decide on. Make sure that you narrow your options down to two or three of the best offers and go with the physician who has a decent price and all the qualifications necessary to give you the security and quality of care you deserve.