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Makeup Tips and Tools You Need in Your Beauty Kit

Makeup Tips and Tools You Need in Your Beauty Kit

Get updated on some of the hottest new makeup products and techniques with this fresh, fun makeup tutorial. In today’s tutorial, we’ll be exploring some popular products made available by one of our favorite brands: 3CE cosmetics

For starters, you’ll want to grab some essential tools for applying your makeup. It’s helpful to have all of the following tools and supplies:

  • Brushes, or a brush kit (get one @
  • Makeup sponges
  • Sponge-tipped applicators
  • A hand mirror
  • An eyebrow razor
  • Sharpeners for your lip pencils and eyeliner pencils
  • Makeup remover and towels
  • A variety of different cosmetics to work with: concealer, lip creams, lip crayons, lip pencils, lip glosses, lip colors, blushes, compacts, powders, gels, eyeliner, and mascara
  • You’ll also want to have a cute pouch or organizer to put it all in, so that you can easily find all your cosmetics when you need them.

Once you have the right tools and cosmetics, applying your makeup is easy. At that point, it just takes a little experimenting to get the right colors and the style you want to achieve.

Before you start, be sure to wash your face so you’re starting with clean skin.

If you have pimples, blackheads, blemishes, or places where your skin tone is uneven, don’t let them ruin your look; this is the time to hide them with concealer. Concealer can also help to hide a sunburned nose or forehead.

Next, apply foundation that’s the same color as your skin. Follow up with cheek color, powder, eye liner, eye shadow and mascara.

You can express your style with different lip products. For your everyday face at school, lip gloss is the perfect finishing touch. For those of you who have jobs, more neutral colors are appropriate for wearing to work. After school or work, bright lip colors can give you a fun, playful, or edgy look.

Your hands, feet and nails are an important part of your total look; don’t neglect your manicure or pedicure.

Want to have the cutest nails ever? Experiment with nail studs, nail glitter, decals and different colors of nail lacquer. You can use any of these products by themselves, or combine them for a unique style that’s all your own.

The cosmetics you use can help you define your look, express your style, and highlight your own unique beauty. To get the most out of your beauty products, be sure to choose makeup colors that harmonize with your favorite wardrobe essentials — then take a bit of time each morning to color-coordinate your makeup and your clothes. That way you’ll always look stylish, attractive and well-put-together.

Perfect makeup infographic

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Cosmetics And Skin Care Review

When shopping for cosmetics online, there are several cosmetic brands available. What are you searching for? Foundation, lip liner, lip stick, concealer, mascara, and skin care products, are a few of the many popular beauty items available.

Klein Becker’s Strivectin formula was brought to the market in early 2002. The product was initially designed to repair stretch marks, but it is also used as a popular anti-wrinkle cream.

Strivectin has an eye cream product, and a hand cream product. The formula is designed using a thermophyllic formula that diminishes wrinkles. The formula works directly on the dermal epidermal junction, and strengthens it. The dermal epidermal junction is the very thin layer of cells that resides between the dermis epidermis. Scientists have found that wrinkles form by the thinning of the dermal epidermal junction, and eventually weaken the dermis and epidermis of the skin.

Sigma brushes are good affordable makeup brushes. You can purchase sigma brushes for as low as nine dollars. The Sigma brand is good for beginner makeup appliers/artist. They have a variety of brushes, and some brushes are made from synthetics hairs, and some are made from natural hairs. The even have Vegan products for those who prefer less possible irritation. Sigma also has a premium collection available for advanced makeup appliers/artists.

When choosing a makeup/skin care brand, there are many options to choose from. There is Cover Girl, Viva Glam, Luzern, Butter London, and many others. Wearing makeup is a good way to enhance your facial features. When your makeup has been applied correctly, it can also change how you look. There are many people who wear makeup, who simply just don’t know how to apply it. The correct make up, and how it is applied, can enhance, or not enhance certain features about your face.

Your skin should be cleansed thoroughly prior to applying makeup. After your skin is clean, you should apply moisturizer. After you’ve moisturized, then you may apply concealer if you’d like. After your concealer has been applied, you may then apply the foundation. If you like to use sunscreen, it’s best to find either a moisturizer or foundation that has sunscreen in it.

If you add sunscreen in addition to the other products, it may make your makeup look heavy. After your foundation is applied, you may add all of your other products. Additional products include but are not limited to eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, and other eye makeup.

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Sigma Brushes Starter Kit

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Recommended Products for Anti-Aging and Beautiful Skin

Women today struggle to have it all, do it all, be everything to everyone, and sometimes daily beauty routines can get lost in the shuffle. Taking care of oneself and maintaining one’s looks is important at all stages of life, so below are some beauty products and accessories that can become vital components of any woman’s beauty regime. It can be a huge time saver for busy women to shop for and purchase cosmetics online, and the following cosmetic brands are all available online for purchase.

As women age, fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent. StriVectin anti-aging products can help women maximize their youthful looks. Originally developed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, StriVectin’s serums, lotions and creams can minimize wrinkles and lines that can add years to a woman’s true age. Their patented NIA-114™ molecule (Niacin) actually reverses signs of aging.

Many women like the idea of using natural beauty products to maintain their skin. Located in Switzerland, the European-based Luzern cosmetic brand skin care line, made with certified organic ingredients and pharmaceutical grade peptides, antioxidants and polyphenols, can promote natural beauty and boost appearances.

Make-up can enhance a woman’s appearance, but the proper application is necessary to avoid that overdone look that can add years to a woman’s true age. Sigma brushes come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and are available in kits to meet the needs of the beginner to the professional. They even carry a vegan line for those who don’t use animal products. Skillful application can help you define eyes, lips and cheeks and turn your look from frumpy to fantastic.

The holidays are coming, and if you want to make a festive splash at holiday parties and dinners, check out butter LONDON’s new line of holiday nail colors like Shambolic, Chaucer, Fairy Cakes, Fiddlesticks and Rosie Lee. Made without harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP or parabens, butter LONDON’s colors have adorned the fingers and toes of some of London’s most famous models, and appeared in the collections of England’s finest designers.

Butter London’s Christmas nail shiny colors

Slow down and spend some time reinventing your daily beauty regimen. Take the time to treat yourself well and experiment with beauty products and accessories to see which meet your needs the best. Enjoy a spa day and pamper yourself with a bubble bath, manicure, pedicure…whatever most appeals to you and will recharge your batteries the best.

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