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6 Breast Enlargement Tips You Should Know About


The breast enlargement or augmentation process involves adding an artificial implant under the breast tissue or the underlying chest muscle. A high number of enlargement procedures are undertaken at aesthetic clinic by qualified professionals and clinicians. Most women, who go for enlargement procedures, do so to enlarge their breasts. A good number of women also undertake the procedure after pregnancy or after losing weight as a corrective measure. The procedure is also popular with women who have breast cancer and other medical conditions.

Below are 6 breast enlargement tips you should know about

1. Breast augmentation is not recommended for patients with a family history of breast cancer, obesity or smoking. These risk factors can cause serious complications during and after the surgery. Every candidate for breast augmentation must be screened to establish their suitability.

breast-surgery2. The enlargement procedure requires periodical adjustments. A number of women with breast implants will require another surgery after several years to evaluate the condition of the implant. The other factors that can lead to implant adjustment or evaluation include pregnancy, weight loss and a change in the patient’s preferences.

surgery_1246446c3. There are two main types of breast implants in the UK; those filled with silicone gel and those with salt water or saline. These implants are all surrounded by a durable plastic that resembles the skin. The shell is mostly made using silicone elastomer.

si_2089996b4. Not every plastic surgeon is board certified and trustworthy. Before you undertake any enlargement procedure, it is important to establish if the surgeon I question is board certified. The practitioner must also have the relevant experience regarding the specific surgery you want to undertake.

Aerobic-exercise5. Exercises that can cause breast bouncing such as cardio exercises and other intensive workouts should be restricted or shelved after surgery. However, if you are so much into cardio exercises, you must start small by doing light cardio exercises.

breast-augmentation-cleavage-498x332c6. Before you undertake the enlargement procedure, it is important to ask yourself pertinent questions such as:
• How much do you want the procedure?
• What level of risks are you willing to accept in order to undertake the procedure?
• Agree to create take time off to have the procedure and perform recommended exercises

In most cases, the patient must create time off to have breast augmentation. The surgeons at the aesthetic clinic will advice the patient about the recovery process and recommend the best exercises to undertake. A time-frame of between 5 – 7 days is critical to give the patient enough rest time before embarking on basic work routine. Patients will also be given painkillers to supplement the surgery anaesthetic, which will be wearing off. Surgery stitches are normally taken out after a week or so. However, the amount of time it takes for the dissolvable stitches to disappear may vary, but this is usually within 6 weeks. The surgeon may also recommend an appropriate support bra. In the meantime the patient should avoid drinking alcohol, driving, operating a machine or performing intensive exercises.


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Tips to Finding a Breast Enhancement Bra After Getting Breast Fillers

Breast EnhancementWe all want to look and feel our best, and that’s easier than ever in today’s age. While we are told that we shouldn’t trouble our minds with superficial worries, the truth is that we are judged on our appearance, and those who seek out breast fillers in Singapore are often able to achieve the level of self-esteem and confidence they need to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. If you have considered breast fillers, there is something you’ll need to be prepared for. Finding the right bra after the procedure can prove challenging. By following these tips, you can enjoy confidence in comfort.


Immediately Following the Surgery

You’ll want to be prepared with a special bra to use immediately following your procedure. Your surgeon will offer you a consultation, during which time you’ll be given individualized instructions regarding the type of bra that will best fit your unique circumstances.


breast enhancement consult doctor


However, as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to go with an open front sports bra or knit cotton surgical bra that zips in the front. This reduces the movement necessary to put the bra on and take it off. Another way to decrease discomfort during those sensitive days following surgery is to buy a bra a size too big. Your surgeon may even recommend you don’t wear a bra at all for the first few weeks after the procedure.


Adjusting Properly

adjust bra sizeHaving breast fillers in Singapore is a big adjustment, and it will take some time to get used to going to a larger bra size. Many patients have a tendency to purchase bras that are too small for them, and this causes constriction and a large compromise on overall comfort and posture. The best way to determine that you’ve failed to increase your bra size to properly accommodate for your new breast size is to look for the tell-tale “muffin top”. That is, if your breasts spill over the top of your bra, then you need to adjust to a larger size.

Conversely, it’s also not uncommon for women to overcompensate once they undergo breast augmentation and buy a bra that’s too large. If the cup of your bra is loose against the skin and you can see the nipple when you look down, you need to take more time in determining your correct size.


bra fitting infographic

bra fitting guide


Quality Counts

You’ve made the transition to a larger bra size, and, with this comes an issue you likely haven’t encountered in the past. It can be difficult to find a quality bra when you have larger breasts. Along with the investment you made in your Macrolane breast fillers should also be one in quality bras. It is worth the money to purchase quality bras at a higher price than you may be used to as they will provide the support you need.


bra backKeep the Stretch Factor in Mind

You want to buy a quality bra that will last. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it will inevitably stretch over time. As you shop for a new bra after receiving breast fillers, you should try them on using the loosest clasp to account for this inevitability.


A Comfortable and Confident New You


confident lady


Macrolane breast fillers are becoming a popular choice for women seeking that extra boost in self-confidence. You, too, can reap the benefits so many are now enjoying. Now that you’re aware of the potential problem with finding the right bra to offer adequate comfort and support, you can be well on your way to a comfortable and confident new you.

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