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Why Your Dark Circles Keep Coming Back


When you have dark circles under your eyes, people may think you look tired or have pushed yourself too hard at work. In reality, dark circles can happen for many different reasons such as allergy season and your genes. If you have treated those dark circles before but they continue to come back, don’t lose hope. Knowing why they happen can help you minimize their appearance or prevent them altogether.


What Causes Your Dark Circles?

Young Woman Washing Her Face

It’s common for both men and women to develop dark circles under their eyes. Some factors include ethnicity and lack of sleep. According to WebMD, people with Asian or African backgrounds often have more pigment around their eyes. This condition is known as periorbital hyperchromia. However, your dark circles may keep coming back for entirely different reasons.



  • Aging – As you age, the skin around your eyes becomes thinner, thereby making the blood vessels more noticeable and creating dark circles.


  • Stress – Feeling stressed causes a host of problems, including lack of sleep. Getting enough sleep can help your eyes appear less sunken and reduce those dark circles.


  • Allergies – Hay fever and other allergies may cause you to rub your eyes excessively, thus resulting in red eyes and dark circles.


  • Dehydration – Skin cells shrink due to dehydration, making your dark circles more prominent.


  • Bad habits – Drinking alcohol dilates your blood cells, making dark circles stand out. Smoking may also produce a dark appearance under your eyes.


Other contributing factors for dark circles include excess sun exposure, pregnancy and anaemia. Even nasal congestion can lead to swelling of blood vessels near your eyes and cause a darker appearance.


How to Stop Dark Circles From Coming Back


Make lifestyle changes if you drink, smoke or eat unhealthy foods. Staying hydrated can also have a positive effect on dark circles and also benefit your body in other ways. If you’re suffering from allergies, an antihistamine may relieve your symptoms and reduce dark circles. Using a dark circle eye cream can also minimize their appearance and reduce puffiness. In fact, having a regular skin care regimen may brighten the area around your eyes and restore the look of your skin.


You don’t have to live with dark circles under your eyes. If they keep coming back, making various changes such as using eye creams, getting enough sleep and quitting bad habits can reduce dark or puffy eyes and replenish your skin.


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Why Do You Get Wrinkles Around Your Lips? – and How to Avoid Them

Aging affects different parts of your body in various ways. When it comes to your skin, aging causes sagging, dryness and lack of resilience. You gradually lose the reserves of collagen in the layers of your skin, resulting in lines and wrinkles.

The Most Noticeable Signs of Aging

Facial wrinkles change your appearance until you might no longer recognise yourself in the mirror. Pucker lines around your mouth are among the most noticeable and difficult to conceal.


Causal Factor One: Heredity

Pucker lines form for several reasons. As the ligaments that frame your mouth loosen, your cheeks sag, making lip lines more noticeable. If older members of your family have pronounced pucker lines, you are more likely to get them, according to the Mayo Clinic.



Factor Two: UV Radiation

Sunlight is another source of facial wrinkles. Ultraviolet radiation causes about 90 percent of premature aging in the skin, according to a New York Times report. UV rays reach deep beneath the epidermis and damage the collagen, a protein that supports healthy skin. UV radiation also weakens the elastin in your dermal layers, making them looser and less resilient. Your best defense against sun damage is to limit UV exposure and use sunscreen when you are young.



Factor Three: Smoking

Cigarette smoke affects your collagen too. It slows down your body’s natural renewal processes, causing fissures beneath the skin and ultimately, surface wrinkles. When you smoke, toxins come into direct contact with your lip area where they contribute to pucker lines. You can take a stand against age lines by kicking the habit before it becomes too late.



Factor Four: Pursing

Pucker lines also result from repetitive pursing. If you always have a water bottle at hand, you probably pucker up frequently to take a sip. Habitual smoking requires lots of pursing too. Switching to more lip-friendly habits can help prevent pucker lines later on. For example, try using a wide-mouthed water bottle to minimize pursing.



Factor Five: Chewing Gum

Gum chewing probably contributes to pucker lines, says an article in the Telegraph. Repeated chewing motions may cause muscle fatigue and the breakdown of supporting tissues, resulting in wrinkles around the mouth. Remember this the next time you reach for a pack of chewing gum in the checkout line.


Serious Wrinkle Defense

Beauty and health experts recommend specialised products to prevent pucker lines. According to The Dermatology Review, the best lip balm contains collagen boosters such as peptides that promote plumper, more elastic lips. Similarly, some of the best anti-aging product lines contain retinol, which works to thicken your dermal layers and smooth out fine lines. Alpha-hydroxy acid is another effective skin care ingredient that helps reduce the appearance of pucker lines.




While it is difficult to overcome heredity, you can prevent or minimize pucker lines around your mouth in other ways. Combining good skin care habits, preventative measures and the best anti-aging products available is an excellent strategy for wrinkle defense.


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What Is The Best Anti-Aging Skincare Product?

You need to try the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair cream to get the best results when you are wearing a night cream. Anyone who is planning on making a change to their routine needs to start with this cream because it has been the industry standard for such a long time. The cream is a great thing for you to use when you want your face to recover after a long day, and you can use it any time you really need help.

The night cream is a good start for any woman who might not have the right kind of regimen today, and it is a good idea for women to follow the instructions on the package. It is something that you really need to get into your skin, and you need to consider what it will feel like when you get up in the morning with softer skin. The Lauder cream does not work overnight, but you will start to see results pretty quickly.


There are a lot of people who try this for the first time because they want to look younger, but you get a much better feeling on your skin. Your skin will be softer long before you notice that you are looking younger. You can actually freeze yourself in the age you are now if you get started immediately.

Most women who are trying to use these regimens will be able to get nice results when they start young. A girl who starts at 18 will probably look like she is 25 for the rest of her life, and an older woman who has been doing this for a long time will be able to look great all the time even when she is much older. You can live well into your golden years looking much younger because you committed to this product.


The product that you are using comes in a tub that you must rub on yourself, and the cream is very heavy. You will get much better results if you have been rubbing it on the right way. You can cover every part of your face and neck, and you can even use it on your hands and feet. You can get a lot of great results out of this product that you will not get from other products.

Lauder has created something that will make any woman look amazing, and you can lean on this product until you are well into your 70s or 80s. You will look ridiculously young because you have invested the time and money in keeping your skin soft and young, and you will see the results as compared to other people who know who are just not doing the same work you are.


Every woman who wants to have nice skin needs to make sure that she is wearing this night cream to look her best. There is no better way to change your outlook on life and your appearance with just one night cream.


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Botox Tips/Advice

Botox (1)

Everyone is getting it, but nobody’s talking about it. Why? Are they too embarrassed to admit it? In this day and age, minimal to non-invasive cosmetic procedures have revolutionized the way to turn back the hands of time with minimal to no downtime.

botox-costHow Does Botox Work?
Botox fillers are very effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Botox works by blocking movement of the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. These are the kind of wrinkles you get when you move your face, such as the lines you get around your eyes when you squint or the wrinkles you get in your forehead when you furrow your brow.

On the other hand, static wrinkles are the wrinkles hat you see when your face is relaxed. These lines are etched in your skin all the time, whether you are making facial expressions or not. Although Botox can’t change the appearance of static lines, long-term use can help prevent static wrinkles from deepening.

Botox is usually used for wrinkles in the upper portion of the face (i.e. glabellar, forehead and eyes), but it can used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in other parts of the face when injected by a skilled physician.

In addition, non-surgical rhinoplasty can be performed by using nose fillers, usually in the form hyaluronic acid. By injecting fillers around the nose, physicians are able to augment the shape of the patient’s nose.

choosing-a-physicianChoosing a Physician
You’ve finally decided to undergo Botox injections, but you need find a board certified physician. Ideally, you should “shop around” and find a physician who is highly qualified in giving Botox injections. Most cosmetic surgeons offer free consultations to new clients, so don’t hesitate to book several appointments throughout a week or two before deciding on a doctor to perform your procedure.

Although there are many specialists who may advertise as being experts in the Botox biz, only certified doctor or nurse under physician supervision. Ultimately you should feel comfortable with your doctor and their staff. Ask about their procedures and follow up protocol and don’t feel embarrassed to leave if you’re just not feeling the vibes of a certain office. If you have any inkling that something just seems off with the physician, trust you gut feeling and have another opinion before undergoing Botox.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. While budget shouldn’t be the ultimate determining factor in the physician you choose to administer your Botox injections, it undoubtedly will play a role in who you decide on. Make sure that you narrow your options down to two or three of the best offers and go with the physician who has a decent price and all the qualifications necessary to give you the security and quality of care you deserve.


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When Your Lips Start Aging: Tips for Fuller, Beautiful Lips

Other than opting for plastic surgery, there are several useful techniques that can give you younger looking lips. These anti aging tips are designed to make your lips appear fuller and more beautiful without going under the knife. From keeping your lips out of the sun to using the right moisturising lip balm, you can make your lips appear years younger. The three main causes of aged lips are dryness, loss of plumpness and fine lines. By minimising these three causes, you can have fuller, more luscious lips.



Change Your Morning Routine

Sunlight can cause your skin to dehydrate and can ultimately lead to premature wrinkles. Each morning, you should start out by using a lip moisturiser that contains SPF 30 or higher. In addition, the best lip balm to start out your day should have Shea butter or vitamin E to hydrate your lips. The additional moisture will immediately make your lips appear healthier, while the SPF 30 will slow down the process of ageing.



You Can Get Full Lips Without Changing Your Genetics

Unless you are one of the lucky few who were born with full lips, you can fake fullness by using lipstick and lip liner. Using a pencil, draw a line just outside of the bow at the top lip. On your bottom lip, do the same technique just below the lip in the middle. You want to only redraw the middle of your lips because redrawing the entire lip ends up looking phony. After this step, you can apply lipstick like normal. For an added boost, add a little bit of lip gloss on just the centre of your lips.



Night time Anti-Ageing Remedies

After a long day, your lips need to be treated to a moisturising session. Anti-ageing treatments that contain phytoestrogens, hyaluronic acid, retinols and peptides can help to naturally stimulate your collagen production. By doing this every night, you are naturally increased the firmness and fullness of your lips. To ensure the best results, combine your lip-focused creams with anti-ageing remedies that also target the fine lines around the lips.


Remember to Exfoliate Regularly

The three main steps to perfect lips are exfoliating, moisturising and plumping. While the previous steps targeted moisturising and plumping your lips, you will still need to exfoliate regularly for luscious, youthful looking lips. If you are rushed for time, running a wet washcloth across your lips can be a simple way to exfoliate. You can also use a dry toothbrush or a lip exfoliator to reduce the dry skin on your lips. In addition, exfoliating will help to increase the fullness of your lips by stimulating blood flow. Since exfoliating can irritate your lips, make sure to follow up each treatment with a good moisturiser.


You deserve to look and feel your best at every age. By exfoliating, moisturising and plumping your lips, you can reduce the fine lines and dryness associated with ageing. With a consistent lip regimen, you can get the luscious, alluring lips you have been dreaming about.


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How to Reduce the Appearance of Melasma during the Day

No one wants to live in Singapore with dark stains and blemishes on the face. This type of discoloration occurs when there is a problem with your skin cells, immune system or hormones. There are things you can do to help. Here are a few ways to reduce the appearance of melasma during the day.


Protect Your Skin against the Sun

One of the first steps you have to take to improve the appearance of your skin is protecting yourself against the sun. The sun and ultraviolet light all work to damage your skin. This can cause any blotches or dark areas to become much more prominent even after just an hour or two of exposure. You can stop this by wearing a strong sunscreen whenever you go out walking in Singapore. You should also wear a hat to protect your face, neck and scalp. Try to stay out of the sun whenever possible and walk or sit in the shade. This is going to help lighten any dark spots over time.


Be Careful About Which Beauty Products You Use

The next thing you have to do is be careful about which beauty products you use. Harsh moisturizers, exfoliators or other creams and sprays can irritate your skin. The chemicals in the products could irritate your skin to the point where extra substances are created by your cells. This usually means any blemishes and dark spots will become more pronounced after using the product. Look around Singapore for products that are gentle or natural. You should not feel burning or tingling when using a beauty product.


Take Steps to Relieve Any Stress

Stress causes a number of changes in the chemistry of your body. One of those changes is increasing the amount of pigment in your skin. Too much stress will cause your red areas and blemishes to grow darker. The answer is to take steps to relieve any stress you are feeling. Do not go through each day in Singapore constantly stressed. Stop and relax or do something fun for a short time. You skin will look better when you can get rid of stress properly.



Use Skin Lighteners or Brighteners

Something that can gradually improve your appearance is a skin lightener or brightener. These products can be applied to your dark spots. They will start to lighten the area so that it is less visible. You want to look for products that contain hydroquinone, kojic acid or melaplex. It can take some time to see results and they will not be permanent.



Consider Going to a Professional Clinic

If all else fails, then it is probably time to consider going to a professional clinic. You can get melasma treatment in Singapore that could improve your appearance dramatically in almost no time at all. Many different treatment options are available. Professionals can lighten dark spots or remove the discoloration completely using prescription medications or even lasers.


Taking care of your skin is very important. If you are dealing with melasma, then you need to get help to remove the discolored areas. You could have a consistent complexion in just days or weeks. Use these tips to help minimize the appearance of blemishes and dark spots today.



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Acne Scarring: the Most Common Causes and Effective Treatments

acne scarsIt’s incredibly frustrating when you finally get rid of a zit and it leaves behind a scar. Once a scar is there, it only goes away with proper treatment. Learning the types of acne that most commonly lead to scarring can help you appropriately treat the blemishes before they cause scarring. If you have existing scarring, there are treatment options available to help reduce or eliminate them.


Are You Predisposed to Acne Scars?

Cystic acne is the most common type of acne that leads to scarring. Most cystic zits end up leaving a scar behind after it disappears. People who start getting acne as a preteen are more likely to develop severe acne by the time they’re teenagers.  It’s incredibly important to get acne treatment in preteens to prevent severe, scarring acne. Patients with relatives who have acne scars are more likely to develop scarring because of genetics.


acne stages


Treatment of Acne Scars

Scars can’t be treated effectively at home. No matter how severe your scarring is, it’s best treated by a professional. But how does the treatment vary depending on the type of scarring present?

dermal_fillersDermal fillers are becoming popular because they’re non-invasive and you see immediate improvement. Your doctor will inject a dermal gel (usually made of hyaluronic acid) into the depressed or pitted scar, filling in the depression. The skin will start to form collagen around the scar, gradually filling it in naturally. Some fillers are permanent but results typically last about 12 to 18 months before the scar needs to be retreated.

For very noticeable, almost traumatic scarring, there is an acne scar surgery. Your dermatologist lifts the scar, bringing it closer to the surface of the skin so it becomes less noticeable. Another type of surgery will break up the scar tissue so the body absorbs it and the scar’s visibility decreases significantly.

Resurfacing is less invasive than surgery, and these procedures work well to treat widespread scarring. A resurfacing procedure basically removes the top layers of skin, forcing the body to create new, undamaged skin cells. It also works to treat uneven pigmentation. The kind of resurfacing procedure you get will depend on the severity of your scarring and the health of your skin. Chemical peels, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing are the most effective procedures for acne scarring. Resurfacing works best for scars that are flat and not too deep, so it isn’t going to be an effective option if you have deep ice-pick scars. The resurfacing contours the edges of the scars to make them less noticeable, but extremely deep scars are best reduced with a combination of surgery and resurfacing.


Preventing Acne Scars

do not squeezePrevention is always the best cure, so follow some of these tips to prevent scarring from occurring:

  • – Don’t pop or squeeze zits.
  • – Continue treating acne even after the blemishes have disappeared.
  • – Be kind to your skin by using a gentle cleanser and cleansing techniques.

Acne that leads to scars is best treated by a doctor. Improper treatment exacerbates acne and greatly increases your chances of developing a pesky scar, but existing scars can still be treated, so talk to your doctor if you’ve been battling acne scars since puberty.


acne reasons


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How to Know If You Are a Good Candidate for Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is a problem for many people in Singapore. Cellulite can turn an otherwise attractive part of your body into a bumpy landscape that is not as appealing. Cellulite treatments can actually help with this problem. Here are some ways to know if you are a good candidate for cellulite treatments.


What is cellulite?


skin puckeringYour Cellulite Is Causing Skin Puckering

It is important to realise that cellulite is a very clearly defined problem with your body. It is not just being a little puffy or swollen in a particular area. Cellulite is going to cause clear and unattractive puckering or bumps to appear on your skin. You are a good candidate for a treatment in Singapore if you can clearly see that type of puckering. The irregularities on your skin are addressed by the treatment and not necessarily the underlying amount of fat.


You Are In Good General Health

Although cellulite treatments are generally mild and have few complications in Singapore, you do still want to be in good health before undergoing treatment. You want to be healthy and free from chronic diseases. You specifically want to have a strong immune system. If you are in good health, then you are less likely to experience any side effects from the treatment. Delay your cellulite treatment if you are currently sick or undergoing procedures for another medical issue.


You Are Not Significantly Overweight

slimCellulite treatment in Singapore is designed to improve the appearance of your skin so that it looks smoother and tighter. It is not a way to lose weight or reduce fat. You are a good candidate for this type of treatment if you are not significantly overweight. This is important because someone who is significantly overweight might not see any results after the treatment because the subcutaneous fat will cause dimpling or puckering to return quickly. An initial consultation before the treatment should cover this information.


You Have Mostly Clear Skin

Singapore cellulite treatments are really designed for people who have mostly clear skin. You want the skin in the area to be mainly clear and without problems. You might have issues if there is eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions around the area. Treating the cellulite will not improve the other issues. Something like eczema can actually hide the results of the treatment. Ensure that the areas you wanted treated are free from any other conditions that could affect the appearance of your skin.


Home Treatments Have Not Worked

A final sign that you are good candidate for professional cellulite treatment in Singapore is if home treatments have not worked. Some cellulite is very hard to get rid of. Simple home treatments that involve common household products do not often work. If other techniques have failed, then it is time to try a professional cellulite treatment.

Having your cellulite treated by professionals in Singapore can make a real difference in your life. It can improve your appearance and your self-esteem. Do not hesitate to schedule a cellulite treatment today if you feel that you are a good candidate for the procedure.




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How to Use Chemical Peels to Rejuvenate Skin

Everyday skin is faced with a variety of challenges that are caused from environmental factors or just part of the natural aging process. The sun is one of the biggest offenders but there are many other enemies that create havoc on the condition of the skin. Chemical peels are designed to improve skin on the hands, neck, and face. These areas are more susceptible to damage on a daily basis and therefore need the extra care that only a chemical peel will provide. Keeping the skin bright and fresh looking is easy to do by following a few tips before, during, and after a peel.


flawless skin


chemical_peel1. Types of Peels

Choose a chemical peel that is based on the condition of the skin. People with fair skin and light hair are good candidates for a peel. Superficial peels are the mildest and can be used on many different types of skin. Medium peels are made to penetrate using Trichloroacetic Acid as the main agent and can be done in several steps. Deep peels are usually used on the face and penetrate several layers. This method can only be used a few times because of the harshness of the peel.


2. Prepare for the Peel

Prepping the skin is done two or three weeks before the peel. This consists of cleansing twice a day, using sunscreen, and applying a special cream or moisturizer. Retin-A is often recommended before the procedure to speed up the healing process. These steps help develop an even peel while lessening the chance of infection.


What is Retin-A?


3. Pain Relief

Superficial peels are relatively simple because the chemical is left on for only a few minutes. The skin may feel warm during the process and using a handheld fan helps cool the area. The chemicals are left on the skin longer during a medium peel. Pain relievers or oral sedatives are often prescribed to help with any anxiety or discomfort during the procedure. Deep peels are more problematic because of the intense treatment that is performed on the skin. Pain relievers are used and breaks are taken in between treatments. Ointment is often used to help alleviate pain.


skin_moisturizer4. Caring for Skin After Surgery

Properly caring for a peel during the recovery period is very important for success. Keeping it clean and applying ointment as instructed allows the new skin to heal properly. The treated area needs to be kept moisturized, and when the skin peeling stops, sunscreen must be worn as protection from the sun. The sunscreen needs to be labeled as broad spectrum and protect against UVA and UVB rays with a SPF of at least 30.


Chemical peels provide clients with rejuvenated younger looking skin by diminishing fine lines, large pores, scarring, and skin discoloration. Aesthetics can significantly raise the level of self confidence inpeople who have a lower level of esteem based on the condition of their skin. Following directions before and after the procedure ensures that everything will go smoothly and the end results will be amazing.

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Surprising Reasons Why Men Should Start Doing Facials

Your face presents your image to the world. Surprisingly, many men spend time at the gym or choosing the right outfit to make an impression, but they neglect their skin. Although many men do not use a professional to help them with skincare, there are many reasons why they should.





Men Less Likely to Use Sunscreen

In 2013, a study revealed that ‘14.3 percent’ of surveyed men indicated that they applied sunscreen compared to ’29.9 percent’ of surveyed women. Thus, men’s skin is more likely than women’s skin to become damaged from sun exposure. The sun can cause skin to become less elastic, so it makes skin wrinkle, sag and bruise more easily than skin that is protected from the sun. Getting a facial for men can help your skin look youthful and attractive.




Reduce Razor Irritation

It is not unusual for men’s skin to become irritated when they shave. When a skin specialist gives a facial for men, the technician will exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and promote smoothness. Smooth skin enhances the ability to shave without experiencing irritated skin. An esthetician can provide tips for at-home exfoliation and suggest tools that will make it easy.




Mood Booster and Stress Relief

Family, work, children and many other aspects of life create stress. When you feel stress, your muscles can tighten and tense. A face wash for men is a soothing treatment that helps men’s facial muscles relax. During a facial, men enjoy time that is solely for themselves. A soothing massage, a mask and heat can help the heaviness of a tense day disappear.




Improves Facial Cleanliness

Facial skin gets dirty, but the dirt may not be visible. Nevertheless, dirt, oil and other impurities can cling to skin and promote acne. Men have bigger pores than women, so their skin is more prone to attract dirt. According to “Is a Man’s Skin Really Different”, by Dr. Diana Howard, men’s skin is rougher than women’s skin, and it produces more steroid hormones. Thus, it can be more problematic for men to eliminate acne. A skin specialist knows how to unblock pores and remove blackheads in a gentle manner.


Getting a face wash for men will help your skin stay clear and clean, and it provides the opportunity to get professional advice about skincare. An esthetician can analyze your skin, determine its condition and help find the best products to eliminate any problems. Caring for your skin may just be a matter of learning a routine that is best for your skin type.

Given men’s habits, which include neglecting to use sunscreen, shaving and dealing with frequent stress, men’s facials can be very beneficial to enhance their skin’s appearance and relieve stress. Additionally, the composition of men’s skin attracts dirt, and a facial gives men the opportunity to receive personalized skin consultation, so they can learn an effective cleansing routine.


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