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Skincare and Cosmetic Brands Known for its Specialty

Beauty and skin care are complements of each other. They are inextricably intertwined. Thusly, it’s impossible to have one without the other. There are a number of cosmetic brands offering natural skin care, anti-aging and beauty solutions for today’s busy woman.

This review will focus on 3 important categories: Good skin care, anti-aging and cosmetics. Also, it will discuss a handful of cosmetic brands whose products successfully address these concerns.

Number 1 – Skin Care

When one is looking to improve, enhance or maintain beautiful skin, it’s important to focus on good health first. Hydration is absolutely important. Drink lots of water. Water gets rid of toxins and prevents breakouts. Luzern Laboratories offers an all-natural skin moisturizer called System O2 Infuse. Luzern has created an infusion of oxygen, essential enzymes and vitamin C. All of which are extremely important for hydration and healthy skin. Other contributors to healthy skin are cleanliness and detoxification. Therefore, the skin needs daily cleaning. Dr Jart’s dermatological Cosmetics offer a cleanser called Pore Medic Bubble Foam. The cleanser penetrates the pores and cleans out sebum, toxins and dead cells. One of the good things about Dr Jart’s cleanser is that it doesn’t dry the skin out but yet hydrates the skin while cleaning.

Number 2 – Anti-aging

In terms of chemistry, youth and beauty are synonymous with collagen and elastin. These two proteins are what make the skin supple, tight and firm. Therefore, a cream or lotion that will offer both of those things is needed to maintain a youthful appearance. Korres offers an all-natural night cream that nourishes the skin while during sleep. During sleep, the body regenerates and this Korres night cream can facilitate the regeneration process.

StriVectin is a cosmetic line offering a Power Serum that reduces wrinkles by smoothing them out. StriVectin accomplishes this by using peptides and proteins that synthesize to make collagen.

Lastly, Mario Badescu offers a moisturizer called Hyaluronic Emulsion with Vitamin C, formulated with collagen. The Mario Badescu skin care lotion can be used as a moisturizer or night cream.

Number 3 – Cosmetics

Now that the skin is healthy and nourished, it can be adorned accordingly. Time for makeup! Choose foundations and colors that highlight the skin’s natural glow. Sleek MakeUp has a wonderful illuminating foundation called Glisten Me, which has mica pigments that reflect light and create a glowing appearance. There are different shades offered by the Sleek MakeUp that match all skin types and complexions.

Deborah Lippmann also offers a variety of vibrant nail and lip colors. The right color lipstick really adds warmth and brilliance to the face. The Deborah Lippmann nail color collection is regarded as one of the best on the market. A perfect way to spruce up those hands and feet!

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