Causes of Eyesight Problems


There are more people today with eye conditions than a century ago. Children as young as five years can be seen with spectacles. This makes it necessary for us to look into the causes of eyesight problems. The most common forms of eye conditions are short sight or myopia and farsightedness. A different form of eye problems is eye infections.
Most of the causes of eye problems are obvious to most people. The first is poor lighting. Generally, working or reading in poor lighting strains the eye. Such strain over a long period of time results in short sight that is also called myopia. Another cause of short sight which is similar to the first one is reading fine print for too long and working at computers for extended for long periods of time. The glare of a computer screen is not friendly to the eyes. Other than these three, short sight is sometimes inherited from a family member who suffers from it. This condition can be treated through Lasik Singapore.


Farsightedness may also be inherited. Besides this, it is a condition that is commonly associated with age. Most people are diagnosed with farsightedness when they are over forty years of age. It may also be caused when one suffers from another disease such as diabetes. In fact, diabetes has been held to be a cause of both short sight and long sight. Like short-sight, farsightedness can also be treated through Lasik Singapore.

Causes of eyesight problems cannot be considered exhaustively without considering the causes of eye infections. These can be caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. Some diseases such as gonorrhoea and Chlamydia which are caused by bacteria can reach the eye. This occurs when a person rubs or touches their eyes after handling the infected genital areas. The most famous eye problem which results from touch is the pink eye, which lasts between one and two weeks.


Hygiene is also key to a discussion on the causes of eye problems. It is important that people wash their hands because hands may be used to transmit bacteria or viruses to the eye. For instance, there is a particular infection caused by organisms that are picked from the fur and bodies of cats. Failure to wash hands after handling a cat may therefore expose one to such an infection. It is important to know that when infections are not well treated, they can result in blindness. They need prompt attention from a doctor.