Five Simple Ways to Get Smooth Skin

Let’s face it: most of us were not born with perfect skin. Even the seemingly flawless complexions of the models you see in magazines have often been photoshopped. You might not have a host of makeup artists and photo editors at your disposal, but you can still get the illusion of smooth skin by following these five easy tips:

1. Exfoliate. Even if you are not prone to breakouts, there’s a good chance you might notice small bumps when you look closely in the mirror. These typically occur when the skin your face naturally sheds gets stuck in your pores and blocks them.

An easy way to avoid this is by exfoliating. Chemical exfoliants such as creams containing alpha hydroxy acids can help remove the dull top layer of skin that is clogging your pores. If you’re on a budget, you can make your own exfoliator by mixing sugar with a little bit of honey and scrubbing your face with it.

Smooth Skin2. Moisturise. If you want to know how to get smooth skin, this is one of the best ways to go about it. Using moisturiser religiously can go a long way towards keeping flakes and dryness at bay (popular hydrating skincare products: Hydraquench). Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you don’t need moisturiser if your skin is oily; sometimes your skin creates excess oil when you skip moisturiser. Face oils are a fantastic alternative to regular moisturiser and depending on your skin type, probably works for very dry skin, Santal Face Treatment Oil can be an ideal alternative too. If you are taking a stab at treating oily skin, consider adding Lotus Face Treatment Oil into your beauty kit then.

You can turn to one of the many moisturisers on the market, most of which are geared toward a particular skin type such as dry, oily, balanced, or acne-prone. In addition, you can try natural oils such as jojoba, grape seed, or sweet almond oil.

3. Use a primer. Despite your best skincare efforts, there will be days when your skin simply isn’t as smooth as you’d like it to be. You can fake the look of smooth skin using a product known as a makeup primer.

A makeup primer is a special liquid that you can apply to your face after moisturising. It contains silicones that help fill in lines and wrinkles and smooth over bumps and other imperfections. Let it dry for a few minutes to create a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup. Your foundation will glide right on and the overall appearance will be flawless, smooth skin.

4. Drink lots of water. The first thing many people are told when they ask how to get smooth skin is to drink more water. Many complexion problems can be alleviated or even solved by increasing your water intake. The skin is the body’s biggest organ, and it needs to be hydrated to perform its job of flushing out toxins.

Dry skin is more prone to lines and wrinkles, which is why you need to hydrate your skin from the inside out. Eight eight-ounce glasses per day are a good starting point, but you might need slightly more if you live in a hot or dry climate.

5. Hands off! Although it might be tempting to pick at pimples or extract blackheads, touching your face is a quick way to ensure you won’t have the smooth skin you crave. If this is a problem for you, avoid looking at your skin in a magnifying mirror or under bright light, which will only amplify your flaws.

When you have a breakout, don’t touch it! Apply a benzoyl peroxide cream and leave it alone so it can heal naturally. This will help the skin return to normal a lot more quickly.

With these five easy tips, you can solve the age-old problem of how to get smooth skin and have a complexion that rivals even the most flawless faces in magazine ads!