Hand and Wrist Pain – Avoid the Ache

An old proverb states that pain lets you know you’re alive. Hand pain and wrist pain is one way your body tells you that you are doing something it doesn’t like. Nature designed your hands and wrists to flex and bend naturally in certain ways. Many of the things you do each day forces them to flex in ways that put stress on them and can cause problems like inflammation, bursitis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Avoiding pain and inflammation in your hands and wrists often requires just a few changes in the way you conduct everyday activities. Using a computer mouse and keyboard or using repetitive motions at work or play stresses the muscles and tendons in your hands and wrists. Your wrists and hands are bending up or down at an unnatural angle that causes fatigue and inflammation.

Avoid the ache by using a wrist rest that keeps your hands and wrists cushioned. It helps keep your wrists inline with the keyboard and reduces the stress on joints and tendons. Speech to text software and a headset is another good way to avoid the aches. Dictate text instead of typing to help prevent pain and inflammation.

Your bone doctor or sports clinic may recommend an orthopaedic device to help prevent or alleviate your hand and joint pain. A wrist splint or brace worn while sleeping keeps the hand and wrists straight and reduces swelling. For more serious pain and inflammation, your doctor may recommend wearing the wrist brace during the day as well.

Athletes are prone to hand and wrist pain from injury as well as repetitive motion during workouts and sports activities. Take care of your hands and wrists by wearing wrist guards to prevent injuring your hands in a fall or in contact sports.

You can avoid pain and injury by applying some common sense protective measures and exercise. The best protection against pain and injury is a strong and healthy body. Make hand and wrist exercises a part of your regimen, eat a healthy diet and take regular breaks from repetitive motion activities. Stronger hands and wrists are less prone to fatigue and painful inflammation.

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