How Skin Whitening Treatment Works

Skin whitening is a way of creating a lighter shade of coloring on dark spots on the skin. Usually these are in the form of moles or birthmarks. The methods used are lasers, acids, peels, and creams.

You can find lots of creams available claiming to be able to whiten your skin. Some are quite effective and others ineffective. Whenever you try the OTC (over-the-counter) products yourself you need to follow the directions exactly and research the active ingredients for yourself. Sometimes side effects may occur.

Skin Lightening Advice

A wise move would be to go to an aesthetic clinic and let an aesthetic doctor look at your skin. A qualified dermatologist can perform the procedure while avoiding any side effects that come from self-treatments. They will use things like-

Laser Treatments
Topical Creams
Chemical Peels
Cryosurgery (Using Liquid Nitrogen)

They will be able to study your skin and know what would work the best in your specific case.

How It Works

The way the topical creams work is by limiting the amount of melanin your body produces. They contain agents like ‘alpha hydroxy’ or AHA. These types of agents encourage regeneration in the cells found in your top skin layers.

That way whenever you exfoliate you remove the older skin cells that have more pigmentation and expose the newer skin cells that have a lighter color to them. The AHA used in doses of around 4 to 15 percent within a solution will work to slow down the production of melanin.

Additional Substances For Skin Lightening

Another popular substance for skin whitening is ‘Azelaic Acid’. It is natural and derived from grains. You can get it from rye, wheat, or barley. It is made into a cream and carries a concentration of about 20 percent. At one time it was used for treating acne but it was found it can also limit melanin production as well.

You might visit an aesthetic clinic that uses ‘Hydroquinone’. This has proved to be quite effective in lowering melanin production. The drawback for many people with this treatment is that some research indicates it might increase your risk for certain cancers. It can still be found in OTC creams under a 4 percent concentration.

A good aesthetic doctor can perform ‘cryosurgery’ which is using liquid nitrogen to freeze your skin cells. This causes the melanin to rise to the surface where it peels off. This should be done in an aesthetic clinic by an aesthetic doctor only. It is a ‘last resort’ type of procedure used only when all other methods are ineffective.

Laser treatments are also effective and are another method that needs to be performed by a qualified dermatologist. Lowering melanin production is the key to skin whitening and the methods mentioned above have been shown to be very effective.

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