Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Today But Gone Tomorrow?

Hair loss is a frustrating condition but there are natural ways to combat it. The proper treatment for thinning hair can vary depending on the cause, but you may be surprised at how well these simple home remedies work. Try these simple solutions first and see if they work for you.

Hair Oil

Once a week, treat yourself to a scalp massage using any hair oil you like. Applying gentle pressure to your scalp with the fingertips stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles to encourage hair growth. It also strengthens the hair’s roots, making the hair you have more likely to stay in place.


Eat Healthily

Your diet affects your entire body, including your hair. Thick, healthy hair requires lots of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, biotin and iron. Vitamins can help you fill holes in your diet, but it’s much better to get as many nutrients as possible from your food. Take a hard look at your diet and see if it could be the culprit behind your hair loss problem.


Reduce Your Stress

Even if you’re not quite at the point where you’re literally tearing your hair out yet, stress could still be a factor in its thinning. Stress does strange things to the human body, and reducing yours may lead to a thicker head of hair. Try meditation, go for calming walks and find other ways to minimize and reduce the tress in your life.


Step Away From the Hair Tools

Curling irons, perms, ponytail holders, straighteners and other hair styling products are actually quite bad for your hair. Abuse them and you could start finding clumps of hair in your brush or on your bathroom counter. Minimize your use of styling products and be gentle when washing and styling your hair so you don’t damage it and lose it prematurely.


Check Your Medications

Sometimes prescription medications have strange side effects, and thinning hair can be one. Read up on all of the medications you are taking or talk to your pharmacist to see if your medication could be the culprit. If it is, speak to your doctor to see if there is a different medication that would effectively manage your condition without wreaking havoc on your hair.

If none of these natural remedies work for you, it’s time to consider getting yourself the best hair treatment in Singapore. Professionals may be able to help you even when all else has failed. If your thinning hair is making you uncomfortable or self-conscious, you owe it to yourself to see what can be done.

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