On The Topic of Lasik Surgery

Most people have at least a small sight deficiency that makes them nearsighted or farsighted. Poor sight makes objects, graphics, and printed words blurry, and glasses or contacts are worn to correct the vision. Vision will become worse over time, and this means that a new set of glasses is needed at least once a year to provide clear and crisp sight. This can be a nuisance and hassle, especially for individuals who can hardly see without their glasses on. For these people, and anyone else who wishes to gain perfect sight permanently, Lasik surgery is a great option.

Farsighted Eyechart

Lasik surgery is a laser based surgery that is performed on each individual eye. The laser is used to reshape the cornea in a way that will make its shape near cylindrical. When the cornea is changed, light can pass clearly through the cornea and a clear image is focused on the retina, supplying the brain with a perfect image. The surgery is performed by an experienced eye surgeon at a trustworthy Lasik surgery clinic, where the tools that are necessary to perform the procedure are located. Laser devices, as well as small microscopic tools to see into the eye are used to make the techniques precise.

During the Epilasik procedure, the doctor will place anesthetic drops inside the eyes to numb them, and then a suction device is used to keep the eyeball in place. With the eye stabilized, a circular incision is made in the tissue above the cornea. This small flap allows the surgeon to get to the cornea and use the laser in the reshaping process. After the laser is used on the cornea, the flap is released, and it is left to heal.

Epi-Lasik/Lasek – by Patient Education Concepts

Lasik side effects are almost completely nonexistent, and this is one reason that the Lasik surgery is a popular one amongst adults. Eye doctors will ask patients to rest for the day after surgery though, and any sight deficiencies, spots, or sensitivity to light may indicate an eye problem. If sight problems are noticed, the surgeon should be called for a follow-up appointment.

Lasik surgery cost can vary between doctor, but in general the entire Lasik process will cost about $1,000 per eye. Doctors charge per eye, because it is possible to receive Lasik on only one eye, or one eye at a time if financial factors limit the ability to receive the entire surgery at once. Surgical costs for epilasik may seem high, but the costs drop substantially each year as technology and surgical advancements make procedure costs cheaper for medical professionals.

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