Botox for Purposes Other Than Cosmetic

When most of us hear the word ‘botox’ we automatically think of injections for facial skin treatments that will help us present a more youthful appearance. Botox does that, but that is not all the product can do. It can help ease the pain for migraine suffers, treat an overactive bladder and overactive sweat glands plus treat several other common health issues.

* Those who suffer with chronic migraines (2 weeks or more per month) often find relief with injections of botox. A series of injections are used to block the pain signals which travel along the nerves, lessening the frequency in which the migraines occur and in some instances, stopping them altogether.

Botox injections to cure migraines

Botox injections to cure migraines


* An overactive bladder or leaking bladder is often successfully treated with botox. After other course of treatment have been visited without positive results, botox injections can be administered to stop the area nerves from causing muscles spasms which create the bladder issues.

* Sweating too much is a disorder suffered by many of the population and those overactive sweat glands can be calmed down with injections of botox. A certain amount of sweating is normal and needed to help the body remain cool, but overactive sweat glands can impair the quality of life and cause sweat to drip off of hands and other body parts when the body is not being exposed to warm temperatures.


Excessive sweating can be cured by botox injections

Excessive sweating can be cured by botox injections


* Botox treatments are used to treat stiff muscles in arms and legs. Elbows, wrists and fingers which have limited movement due to certain types of trauma or disease like cerebral palsy, oftentimes can be successfully treated with injections and movement restored. Chronic neck pain due to muscles stiffness or repetitive muscles spasms (cervical dystonia) can be treated with injections of this product which until recent years was wrongfully considered as something to be used for facial skin treatments only.

* Lazy eye or crossed eyes are often treated with botox. These eye-positioning disorders are usually caused by a muscle-pull imbalance and the tighter eye muscles can be loosened and eye positioning balanced with botox treatments.

A droopy eyelid (blepharoptosis) can be corrected with a surgical procedure termed “ptosis repair”. Dr. Kotlus explains this procedure and how it restores eyelid balance.

* Botox treatments work by temporarily paralyzing the muscle activity in the affected body region to bring pain relief and restore quality of life.

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See Better With Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is a common procedure used to treat a person’s vision. The surgery is performed at a Lasik surgery clinic by a specially trained doctor. It is popular because the surgery has very few side effects and for most provides fast and effective assistance in treating vision problems.

Side Effects of Lasik Surgery
If you are considering Lasik it is important to understand that there are possible side effects that can occur. While most people complete the procedure safely, there are still risks that you should be aware of. Side effects of the surgery include:

1. Dry Eyes

If dry eyes occurs, patient can be received the treatment of prescription eye drops



2.Sensitivity to Light



3. Starburst or Glares



4. Visual Regression



5. Loss of Contrast

Your doctor will discuss all of the potential side effects of the surgery with you before it takes place. Ensure that you ask the doctor any questions that you may have to find the peace of mind needed to confidently have the procedure performed.

Lasik Surgery Costs
The cost of the Lasik surgery varies according to several factors, including the Lasik center and doctor chosen, the city and state that you reside in and the type of Lasik you are having performed.

The average costs of Lasik is around $2,300 for all of the procedures required. This cost is per eye. Again, the many factors must be considered when you are requesting prices for your procedure.

Where to find more Lasik Information
If you would like to know more about Lasik or need a qualified clinic in which to have your procedure performed make your way to Here you will find qualified doctors ready to perform the procedure and help you see clearly for a change. You will also find the best prices for the procedure and additional information that you can use to determine if you would like Lasik performed. Do more research on these 5 Good Reasons To Opt For Lasik Surgery.

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Beauty Services Offered at Aesthetic Clinics

People looking to enhance the way they look can go to one of several aesthetic or cosmetic clinics located around the country. These clinics offer treatments and procedures designed to improve the way a person looks. The surgical procedures available at this type of clinic include breast enhancement or enlargement as well as breast reduction. This is a surgical procedure which is performed by a licensed plastic surgeon. The procedure will be completed in one visit, but recovery time could take several days.

Another surgical procedure available at cosmetic clinics is a facelift. This is a broad term which can encompass having several areas on the face worked on. The area around the chin is often worked on to reduce the amount of skin due to weight loss or aging. By removing excess skin around the chin and neck, the remaining skin can be pulled tight to create a smoother look. Other areas where skin is often removed in a facelift procedure include the upper and lower areas around the eye and at the hairline on the forehead. Facelifts can be performed on both men and women who want to look younger.

Clinics such as offer a complete line of cosmetic procedures. A pigmentation treatment can be performed to reduce the amount of pigment in certain areas on the body. Older adults with age spots can have this procedure done to lighten the appearance of the spots so they are not as noticeable. Another procedure often given to combat the signs of aging uses Botox as a way of numbing the nerves below the skin’s surface to smooth out the area. Dermal fillers can also be used to get rid of wrinkles and small lines.

An aesthetic beauty clinic will also offer procedures for hair removal. Laser hair removal is a permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair. This method can be performed on men as well as women who have an excess of body hair. People can also receive hair stimulation treatments to increase the circulation in their scalp to help them grow new hair. Facial treatments offered at this type of clinic include treatments for oily and dry skin. There are also procedures available to help reduce lines and wrinkles without using surgery. The wide array of procedures and treatments offered at these beauty clinics makes it easy for anyone to improve how they look so they feel more confident and self-assured.

Long-Term and Temporary Age Management Solutions? You could try these out.

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Getting Help With Your Acne Scars

Every person on the face of the earth ends up with a scar at some point in their life. It may not be a big or noticeable scar, but everyone gets them. Some people end up with scars that are very bad. These can be from a number of different things including acne. When teenagers start going through puberty, most will end up with acne from the changing hormones. This is a common problem of becoming a teenager, but some end up with acne that is very bad and this can cause bad scars.

If you were burdened with acne that left scars, there are things that you can do to help get rid of them. Pimple Scars are caused by picking at your skin when you have an acne breakout. What happens after a pimple goes away if you have been picking at it is the pigmentation can become darker. There are some over the counter creams that you can buy to help lighten the scars and make them less noticeable.

One of the skin treatments to try is dermabrasion which uses a high speed brush to polish the skin. This can cause redness, and can take a few days to heal. Another treatment that is used is chemical peels which consist of removes the outer layer of the skin giving your skin a smoother look. It could take a couple of days to heal from this treatment.

You can also try going to a specialist skin clinic. Here a dermatologist would be able to determine the type of treatment that would work best for you and your pimple scars. It is bad enough that you had to deal with acne as a teen, considered the hardest part of a person’s life, and now you are left with the scars. Your treatment will depend on how you handle medicine and what treatment you can afford. Not all insurance plans cover the expenses of these procedures.

Wish to learn more skin care tips? Remember These 4 Most Important Acne-Fighting Ingredients.

How To Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast With Proven Methods

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How to Relieve Hip Pain

Hip pain can result from a number of things. Often times hip and knee pain are associated with one another, or can mislead one into thinking the pain is an ailment of one, not the other. Due to the knee and hip joints being closely related as far as use and how pain travels, it can be difficult to figure out where the pain originates. These large joints can be the cause of considerable discomfort. All final diagnosis should come from a doctor, in addition to treatment options and other medical decisions.

In some cases joint pain is something simple, especially that in the hip or knee. Some common causes of such pain are:

  • Obesity – this cause excessive strain on the knee and hip joints.
  • Arthritis – a common cause of joint pain.
  • Bakers cyst – while not serious these can cause knee joint pain.
  • Minor knee injury – this will often result in pain that appears to serious.

Once the cause of pain has been determined a course of treatment can be set up. For those with minor hip pain, a few things can be implemented prior to seeing the doctor:

  • Weight loss might be the solution for those who are overweight.
  • If arthritis has already been determined to be the cause of pain, over the counter medications may work to relieve the pain.
  • Applying ice to painful joints often brings relief and may help to bring down any inflammation.
  • Simple stretches often help to loosen up stiff and painful joints.
  • Rest and keeping weight off the area when possible.

Those suffering from hip or knee pain should seek medical advice before implementing any kind of treatment. The goal is to get rid of the pain; improper treatment may create adverse reactions.

Other treatments such as special footwear or insoles, walking and other basic exercises, physical therapy, acupuncture, and prescription drugs might be necessary. In extreme cases, and depending on the cause of the pain, surgery might be needed. However, these are all things that must be determined by a physician such as

Do You Know How Paediatric Orthopaedics Benefit Young Children? Find out it Here.

Our hips have a huge weight to bear: That of our entire bodies! So what happens when we injure this vital body part?

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Anti Aging Treatments at the Prive Clinic

The Prive Clinic of Singapore is using state of the art technology to reverse the process of aging. Anti aging and Age management is a concern for men and women and at the clinic quality results with cutting edge science is priority.

This respected clinic offers a variety of therapies that help with lines, discoloration and wrinkles. Fine lines are minimized with a process called line erasing, the first step is using an ingredient called hexapeptide to relax skin surface. Skin is then professionally exfoliated using medical strength enzymes. Next, your anti aging expert will apply a concentrated serum treatment and mask. Your skin will emerge youthful and rejuvenated.

This esteemed clinic also offers a variety of machine-based treatments, ranging from non-invasive to minimally invasive depending on their clients concerns and desired results. If skin tightening is a worry, the Prive Clinic offers RF Treatments. This is noninvasive and uses infrared light and radiofrequency energy to stimulate new collagen growth. This treatment can be used for many areas of concern; face, neck, abdomen, upper arms.

Prive also offers a range of services specifically addressing Age Management focusing on our internal well-being. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is offered to both men and women. As we age, our bodies produce less than optimal amounts of essential hormones. This treatment is customized to each individual’s specific need.

If loss of energy and/or disease prevention is an issue that you are focused on you would benefit greatly from Nutraceutical consultation & testing. According to your test results you will be recommended a combination of pharmaceutical strength supplements. These supplements have also been shown to help your body deal with chronic stress which over time can be the underlying cause of a host of medical issues.

Another test that you can have performed if you have any existing medical conditions or if you have a poor diet is the Oxidative Stress Test. This helps reduce the formation of free radicals in your body. Free Radicals, if left to attack our cells may cause numerous types of disease. By addressing this issue, our skin and body treatments both at home and in professional settings will be more effective.

The Prive Clinic offers men and women of all ages a change to turn back the clock, with aesthetic procedures for our skin and body both on the surface and well below our skin.

Do You Know The Different Types of Skin Pigmentation? Discover it now!

Prive Clinic: Nose Fillers with Miyake

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Cosmetics and Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Good skin care will result in vibrant, healthy looking skin. People who choose to wear make-up, need to be sure they thoroughly cleanse and moisturize their skin to prevent dryness. There are a number of skin care products such as StriVectin, which can help people take better care of their skin. These cleansing products are specially formulated to meet the different skin care needs people have. Some people have problems with oily skin while others have dry patches. The products from Luzern are scientifically formulated to hydrate and nourish dry skin from inside the cells.

Good skin care can also include choosing the right type of cosmetics. The cosmetics online are available from some of the top manufacturers in the country. People who have dry skin will benefit by choosing foundations and under eye cover sticks which are formulated with moisturizing ingredients. These products will often have the words moisturizing or hydrating printed on the label. One ingredient which should be avoided by people with dry or sensitive skin is alcohol as this will dry out skin cells and could cause irritation.

Many cosmetic brands available today are also made with UV protection. An SPF formula can be used to create foundation, lip balm or under eye cover sticks. This protection will also help people who have dry skin by preventing the UV rays of the sun from causing any more damage to cells. Many of the women who have dry skin are older adults who also have lines and wrinkles. Applying powder over foundation helps create a professional finish, but can also enhance the appearance of lines and wrinkles. To help eliminate this problem, older women should use the proper brush for the make-up they apply. The line of Sigma brushes offers a variety of sizes appropriate to use for applying all types of powdered cosmetics.

Full Face Makeup Tutorial with Sigma Brushes

Most people do not think of nail polish or nail color as being a type of cosmetic, but it actually is. Good skin care also applies to the fingers and nails when using nail color. To avoid having cuticles dry out, high quality products such as those available from Luxola’s Butter London, should be used instead of some of the cheaper budget priced products. Nail polish remover often includes alcohol to speed up the drying process. To prevent nails and cuticles from becoming brittle, nail polish remover should contain a moisturizer to counter the effects of the alcohol.

Techniques for a Modern French Manicure, learn it now!

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The Study of Paediatric Orthopaedics

The study of paediatric orthopaedics is fast growing. Many fields of study are learning that treating many conditions early can alleviate physical issues in the future. Paediatric of course is concerning children. Skeletal issues detected early in life with the help of bone specialist can be reduced or corrected.

Paediatric Orthopaedics is a specialized study of infant children and adolescent musculoskeletal problems. The list for issues from birth defects to sports injuries is endless. A bone specialist is key in solving skeletal problems. Pediatric specialist have studied significant findings and can use innovative treatments. Research and clinical expertise often result in high quality results for successful restoration of skeletal issues.

With children in sports it is key to find a paediatric specialist when dealing with sports injuries. No offense to general practitioners but a specialist has had extensive education and experience in dealing with specific bone related injuries. They are what one wants in dealing with bone injuries that need to be treated quickly and correctly the first time. Setting or treating bones incorrectly can lead to a lifetime of debilitating strife. Finding paediatric specialist are easy with the help of Academy of Pediatric publications. These are lists of Pediatricians in various fields relating to health of infants children and adolescents. Specialist are highly regarded in their field and with the american academy of pediatric guidelines are following safe set procedures. These procedures have studies behind them. Standard treatment is regulated so that optimal results are achieved.

Bone injuries in the young overall account for a small percentage of injuries. Mainly because young skeletons are more flexible and resilient to fractures than adults. Growth-plates play a key role in a young persons development. Injury to growth-plates and connective tissues are easily mistaken for sprains and should be looked at by specialist. Avulsion fractures are common injuries where muscles and tendons are torn away by force. Usually the knees and pelvis are areas that sustain these types of injuries. Again a specialist can advise and treat these injuries with the most advanced successful treatments. Many a times treatment received in general practitioners office have to be retreated due to inexperience with birth related skeletal issues and sports injuries. Second opinions are excellent choices when dealing with these types of issues. Ask for a referral to a specialist. There is nothing wrong with getting specialist opinions and general practitioners usually have lists of American academy pediatrics specialists readily available for just such cases.

Board certified in pediatric orthopaedics, Dr. Woo has been instrumental in advancing his field through research, studies and lectures. He is versed in all forms of spinal and limb deformities, many of which can seriously affect a child’s growth and development.

The youth are strong and able to take many treatments that make adults cringe and cry. Their resilience is amazing. Young people have the ability to heal faster and recover from injuries amazingly well. Having a paediatric orthopedic specialist to treat bone deformities and injuries would increase success rate of rehabilitation. Creating a physically happy young one. Never fear asking whether it be an emergency situation or not for a specialist available. The future health of the child is of utmost concern.

Tell Me More about Avoid Wrist and Hand Pain!

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On The Topic of Lasik Surgery

Most people have at least a small sight deficiency that makes them nearsighted or farsighted. Poor sight makes objects, graphics, and printed words blurry, and glasses or contacts are worn to correct the vision. Vision will become worse over time, and this means that a new set of glasses is needed at least once a year to provide clear and crisp sight. This can be a nuisance and hassle, especially for individuals who can hardly see without their glasses on. For these people, and anyone else who wishes to gain perfect sight permanently, Lasik surgery is a great option.

Farsighted Eyechart

Lasik surgery is a laser based surgery that is performed on each individual eye. The laser is used to reshape the cornea in a way that will make its shape near cylindrical. When the cornea is changed, light can pass clearly through the cornea and a clear image is focused on the retina, supplying the brain with a perfect image. The surgery is performed by an experienced eye surgeon at a trustworthy Lasik surgery clinic, where the tools that are necessary to perform the procedure are located. Laser devices, as well as small microscopic tools to see into the eye are used to make the techniques precise.

During the Epilasik procedure, the doctor will place anesthetic drops inside the eyes to numb them, and then a suction device is used to keep the eyeball in place. With the eye stabilized, a circular incision is made in the tissue above the cornea. This small flap allows the surgeon to get to the cornea and use the laser in the reshaping process. After the laser is used on the cornea, the flap is released, and it is left to heal.

Epi-Lasik/Lasek – by Patient Education Concepts

Lasik side effects are almost completely nonexistent, and this is one reason that the Lasik surgery is a popular one amongst adults. Eye doctors will ask patients to rest for the day after surgery though, and any sight deficiencies, spots, or sensitivity to light may indicate an eye problem. If sight problems are noticed, the surgeon should be called for a follow-up appointment.

Lasik surgery cost can vary between doctor, but in general the entire Lasik process will cost about $1,000 per eye. Doctors charge per eye, because it is possible to receive Lasik on only one eye, or one eye at a time if financial factors limit the ability to receive the entire surgery at once. Surgical costs for epilasik may seem high, but the costs drop substantially each year as technology and surgical advancements make procedure costs cheaper for medical professionals.

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Cosmetics And Skin Care Review

When shopping for cosmetics online, there are several cosmetic brands available. What are you searching for? Foundation, lip liner, lip stick, concealer, mascara, and skin care products, are a few of the many popular beauty items available.

Klein Becker’s Strivectin formula was brought to the market in early 2002. The product was initially designed to repair stretch marks, but it is also used as a popular anti-wrinkle cream.

Strivectin has an eye cream product, and a hand cream product. The formula is designed using a thermophyllic formula that diminishes wrinkles. The formula works directly on the dermal epidermal junction, and strengthens it. The dermal epidermal junction is the very thin layer of cells that resides between the dermis epidermis. Scientists have found that wrinkles form by the thinning of the dermal epidermal junction, and eventually weaken the dermis and epidermis of the skin.

Sigma brushes are good affordable makeup brushes. You can purchase sigma brushes for as low as nine dollars. The Sigma brand is good for beginner makeup appliers/artist. They have a variety of brushes, and some brushes are made from synthetics hairs, and some are made from natural hairs. The even have Vegan products for those who prefer less possible irritation. Sigma also has a premium collection available for advanced makeup appliers/artists.

When choosing a makeup/skin care brand, there are many options to choose from. There is Cover Girl, Viva Glam, Luzern, Butter London, and many others. Wearing makeup is a good way to enhance your facial features. When your makeup has been applied correctly, it can also change how you look. There are many people who wear makeup, who simply just don’t know how to apply it. The correct make up, and how it is applied, can enhance, or not enhance certain features about your face.

Your skin should be cleansed thoroughly prior to applying makeup. After your skin is clean, you should apply moisturizer. After you’ve moisturized, then you may apply concealer if you’d like. After your concealer has been applied, you may then apply the foundation. If you like to use sunscreen, it’s best to find either a moisturizer or foundation that has sunscreen in it.

If you add sunscreen in addition to the other products, it may make your makeup look heavy. After your foundation is applied, you may add all of your other products. Additional products include but are not limited to eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, and other eye makeup.

Dr Jart Helps Make Skin Fairer And Smoother. Read More.

Sigma Brushes Starter Kit

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