Restoring Your Visions Clarity Without the use of Glasses

LASIK surgery, or laser eye surgery, is a type of surgery that is used to correct various deformities in the eye. For the surgery, doctors use a laser to reshape the cornea, and thereby improving the clarity, and sharpness of the vision of their patients. Prior to having a surgical procedure done, a patient will meet with the doctor in a Lasik surgery clinic to review the patient’s health history, and to allow the doctor to get a better understanding of what the problem is with the patient’s eyes.

The vast majority of patients that go in for LASIK surgery, have the procedure done with little to no side effects. However in a few cases, there have been patients who have experienced the negative side effects of Lasik surgery. These side effects include things like starburst, glare, double vision and night blindness. Some also say that they experience halos around images that they look at. In the vast majority of cases, it appears that the side effects are temporary and go away a few months after the surgery.

Lasik eye surgery cost varies depending on where an individual decides to have their surgery done. In some places, this eye surgery can be done for as little as $500, as long as the customer’s eyes meet the requirements for with surgery. If the procedure that is going to be done is more complicated, it could cost as much as $2500 per eye. Something that has to be remembered, is the fact that when prices are quoted for LASIK eye surgery, they are quoted per eyeball.

Some patients opted for Epi Lasik which is a procedure that is less intrusive, and has little to no chance of causing damage to the limbal stem cells. This procedure is also less painful than normal LASIK surgery, and it has less chances of long-term complications. Many patients have had good results by having their LASIK surgery done in Singapore. More information about this can be found at

Choosing to have LASIK surgery done, is a decision that a person should take only after they have done the research, and learned about all the risk and benefits that the procedure has to offer. Over the past few years, tens of thousands of individuals have had this procedure done, and are happy with the results. They now have clear vision, and are able to live their lives without worrying about using ugly eye glasses, or worrying about putting in contact lenses every single day.

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