Surprising Reasons Why Men Should Start Doing Facials

Your face presents your image to the world. Surprisingly, many men spend time at the gym or choosing the right outfit to make an impression, but they neglect their skin. Although many men do not use a professional to help them with skincare, there are many reasons why they should.





Men Less Likely to Use Sunscreen

In 2013, a study revealed that ‘14.3 percent’ of surveyed men indicated that they applied sunscreen compared to ’29.9 percent’ of surveyed women. Thus, men’s skin is more likely than women’s skin to become damaged from sun exposure. The sun can cause skin to become less elastic, so it makes skin wrinkle, sag and bruise more easily than skin that is protected from the sun. Getting a facial for men can help your skin look youthful and attractive.




Reduce Razor Irritation

It is not unusual for men’s skin to become irritated when they shave. When a skin specialist gives a facial for men, the technician will exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and promote smoothness. Smooth skin enhances the ability to shave without experiencing irritated skin. An esthetician can provide tips for at-home exfoliation and suggest tools that will make it easy.




Mood Booster and Stress Relief

Family, work, children and many other aspects of life create stress. When you feel stress, your muscles can tighten and tense. A face wash for men is a soothing treatment that helps men’s facial muscles relax. During a facial, men enjoy time that is solely for themselves. A soothing massage, a mask and heat can help the heaviness of a tense day disappear.




Improves Facial Cleanliness

Facial skin gets dirty, but the dirt may not be visible. Nevertheless, dirt, oil and other impurities can cling to skin and promote acne. Men have bigger pores than women, so their skin is more prone to attract dirt. According to “Is a Man’s Skin Really Different”, by Dr. Diana Howard, men’s skin is rougher than women’s skin, and it produces more steroid hormones. Thus, it can be more problematic for men to eliminate acne. A skin specialist knows how to unblock pores and remove blackheads in a gentle manner.


Getting a face wash for men will help your skin stay clear and clean, and it provides the opportunity to get professional advice about skincare. An esthetician can analyze your skin, determine its condition and help find the best products to eliminate any problems. Caring for your skin may just be a matter of learning a routine that is best for your skin type.

Given men’s habits, which include neglecting to use sunscreen, shaving and dealing with frequent stress, men’s facials can be very beneficial to enhance their skin’s appearance and relieve stress. Additionally, the composition of men’s skin attracts dirt, and a facial gives men the opportunity to receive personalized skin consultation, so they can learn an effective cleansing routine.