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Benefits of Epi Lasik Surgery Over Lasik

Two of the most common vision problems that most people are affected by are myopia and hypermetropia (learn How Doctors Measure Your Eye Sight). These are fancy terms for short sightedness and long sightedness. Those who are short sighted have clear vision when viewing things that are close to them, but have trouble viewing objects that are far away. A myopia guide will tell you that this can be caused due to the eye is too long. This could also be a result of a cornea or crystalline lens that are stronger than normal.

Often times when people are looking for a solution to their myopia, they will consider Lasik eye surgery for a permanent fix to their vision issues. However, few people know about Epi-lasik, which is a newer type of eye surgery that combines elements of Lasik surgery, along with other techniques that may make Epi-Lasik safer and more effective.

Clearvision Epi-LASIK



During Epilasik surgery, the surgeon uses a blunt oscillating blade to cut a flap in the cornea and uses a plastic blade to separate the sheet from the eye. This has many benefits when compared to Lasik surgery in terms of safety. During Lasik, a sharp blade or laser is used to cut the flap into the cornea, which increases the risk of the flap being cut too thickly. Additionally, alcohol is used to loosen the epithelial sheet, rather than the plastic blade that is used in Epi Lasik. Alcohol can cause a reaction that can kill epithelial cells, which can make it a bit less safe than Epi Lasik.

Intralase Bladeless Lasik


After separating the epithelial flap, the underlying corneal tissue is sculpted using a laser. This technique is the same for both Lasik and Epi-Lasik procedures. After the tissue is sculpted, a special lens is placed onto the eye, which will keep the flap in place to allow the epithelium tissue to grow back properly. Unlike Lasik surgery, there is no risk of the flap being dislodged after an Epi-Lasik procedure.

Though eye surgery is not the best option for anyone, it is the only permanent fix for myopia. Most surgeons who perform Epi-Lasik consider it to be a better procedure than typical Lasik eye surgery. People who has thin corneas or insufficient eye tissue are especially good candidates for Epi-Lasik. It’s important to talk with an eye care specialist when considering any type of eye surgery.


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