Tips for Better Eyesight

A highly developed sense of sight is of utmost importance because it really helps us in our daily endeavours. It is unfortunate that many people are losing their sense of sight due to advances in technology, which has led to the unprecedented use of mobile phones, televisions and computers. These devices emit rays, which have been proven to have a detrimental effect on the eyesight of those who use them for long periods. Fortunately, a number of solutions have been advanced by specialists to help maintain the eyes. This keeps them healthy at all times.

The Tips
Healthy Eating 

In as much as many people ignore this aspect, it is very beneficial in ensuring that the eyes stay healthy even as one gets old. The protection of the eyes begins with eating a healthy diet. It is particularly important to feed on lots of fruits and vegetables because they contain vitamins, which play a role in enhancing sharp vision. Foods that are rich in antioxidants such as carrots also need to be emphasized. They can help rebuild deteriorated visions, thus highlighting their role in ensuring the overall wellbeing of the eyes. Singapore Lasik centres often advice patients about the right combination of foods that are beneficial to the eyes.
Get Enough Sleep 

Due to the fact that the eyes stay open during the day, it is important to give them ample rest. This ensures that they get rejuvenated after the rigors of a busy day at work. Singapore Lasik specialists recommend that the eyes be rested for at least seven hours a day to enhance their performance.


Protect the Eyes from Harmful Rays 

This is an eye-care aspect that is widely ignored by most people. Specialists recommend that one should not sit in front of TVs or laptops for long because these devices emit rays that are harmful. It is also advisable to keep rooms softly lit. When reading, one needs to avoid florescence lighting and instead use a shaded source of light, which ought to be placed in front of the reading desk.
Quit Smoking 

The harmful effects of cigarette smoking on the eyes are widely documented. Research has shown that this habit causes the iris to dry up. This is a prerequisite for infections, which diminishes the power of the eyes.
Perform Eye Exercises 

One of the easiest ways that can be used to naturally improve one’s vision is performing regular eye exercises. This is done by rolling them regularly, looking at one object consistently and massaging them. To read more, click on this link: