Tips for Growing Thicker and Healthier Hair


Many people today need to know how to get thicker hair. Whether they are losing hair naturally or due to illness or injury, no one likes hair loss. Natural treatments are often suitable to help regrow lost hair for many people.

Thickening Treatments for Hair

A quick and easy way to improve hair’s appearance is to give it thickening treatments. One of the best treatments is an egg. Take one or two eggs and beat till well mixed. Apply to damp clean hair. Allow to rest in hair for at least a half an hour. Afterwards wash out with warm water and gentle shampoo. The rich proteins in the egg work to naturally repair and rebuilt hair shafts. This helps the hair look its thickest. Avocado is another good hair treatment. Mix half a well mashed avocado with several teaspoons of olive oil. Rub into the hair, being sure to get the ends and the roots. The avocado and oil help to nourish both hair shaft and scalp. Wash out after 20 or 30 minutes.


Castor Oil for Scalp Issues

Castor oil is often believed to be one of the best treatments for thinner hair. It has many good properties that help grow hair. The oil itself has natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Many people have harmless and naturally occurring low levels of skin pathogens. While harmless to the skin, they can slow or halt hair growth in some people if they get out of balance. Castor oil removes these pathogens. For some people this is enough to grow thicker hair. In other people using castor oil for hair allows the skin to heal. Inflammation of the skin can hurt healthy hair growth. Before using castor oil on hair and scalp it must be thinned. Mix a thinner oil such as olive or coconut with castor oil at a ratio of two-thirds base to one third castor oil. A few drops of a scented essential oil can be added, if desired. Work the castor oil mix into the scalp once a week. Allow it to sink in before washing. It will do far more than just nourish and treat the scalp. It is also an amazing hair conditioner. Hair shafts treated with castor oil will feel soft and full.


Vitamins for Hair Grow

Getting a good vitamin for hair growth for healthy hair growth is essential. Most people get the vitamins they need from a well-balanced diet. Eating plenty of vegetables and healthy proteins will help thick and healthy hair grow from the inside. There are a few supplements that can further encourage hair growth. Biotin is an essential vitamin that many people simply don’t get enough of in their diet. This is a water-soluble vitamin that can be taken orally. It helps people to form proteins. Taking biotin helps the body to build thick and healthy hair.

Growing thick and luxurious hair can feel like a difficult undertaking. Eating the right foods, taking a vitamin, and treating the scalp right can help grow the best head of hair possible. Thin dry hair can soon be a thing of the past.