Understanding Lasik Eye Surgery

What Is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik eye surgery is becoming more and more common among people suffering from certain eye conditions. Lasik surgery is a form of refractive surgery that helps to reshape the cornea and enhance the vision of the patient. Some of the eye conditions that could benefit from a laser surgery include astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. Lasik surgery is one of the many modern medical procedures that uses state of the art laser technology. Such technologies have been revolutionizing the medical field. Lasik surgery is performed by a specialized eye doctor known as an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist will attempt to alter the structure of the cornea. The cornea is a fragile tissue layer that is at the heart of many medical eye issues. Reconstructing the cornea is a tedious and often dangerous job.

Negative Lasik Side Effects

Many eye conditions can benefit greatly from a laser surgery, but they should only be performed when absolutely necessary. Laser surgery is dangerous. Any good doctor will inform you about the dangers of eye surgery well before you make any serious decisions. Some negative side effects of laser surgery include a constant glare and the inability to adjust to darkness. Healthy eyes will adjust to darkness over time. That is why we are able to see objects at night when walking to the bathroom or the kitchen when the lights are off. Some people who have received laser surgery have reported that this form of night vision no longer occurs. They become completely blinded by darkness even if there is some low amount of light.

Patient might be also having temporary side effect such as seeing halo lights after the Lasik surgery.


The Lasik Eye Surgery Costs

Lasik surgery is not inexpensive. It is wise to know how much the procedure will cost before scheduling for surgery. The average cost of laser surgery today is about $4,500. This includes both eyes. Some patients may only require surgery for one eye. This will reduce the costs by about half. Other costs can occur after the procedure has been completed. These added costs may be for prescription medication required to recover from the surgery. A Lasik surgery clinic such as www.lasiksurgery.sg will give you a full understanding of the potential costs when you visit. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about laser surgery. Find out if your condition is serious enough to require such surgery. You should always try to use safer alternatives unless surgery is your only option.

Read this article and you will know the important 5 Reasons You Should Get Lasik Eye Surgery.

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