When Your Lips Start Aging: Tips for Fuller, Beautiful Lips

Other than opting for plastic surgery, there are several useful techniques that can give you younger looking lips. These anti aging tips are designed to make your lips appear fuller and more beautiful without going under the knife. From keeping your lips out of the sun to using the right moisturising lip balm, you can make your lips appear years younger. The three main causes of aged lips are dryness, loss of plumpness and fine lines. By minimising these three causes, you can have fuller, more luscious lips.



Change Your Morning Routine

Sunlight can cause your skin to dehydrate and can ultimately lead to premature wrinkles. Each morning, you should start out by using a lip moisturiser that contains SPF 30 or higher. In addition, the best lip balm to start out your day should have Shea butter or vitamin E to hydrate your lips. The additional moisture will immediately make your lips appear healthier, while the SPF 30 will slow down the process of ageing.



You Can Get Full Lips Without Changing Your Genetics

Unless you are one of the lucky few who were born with full lips, you can fake fullness by using lipstick and lip liner. Using a pencil, draw a line just outside of the bow at the top lip. On your bottom lip, do the same technique just below the lip in the middle. You want to only redraw the middle of your lips because redrawing the entire lip ends up looking phony. After this step, you can apply lipstick like normal. For an added boost, add a little bit of lip gloss on just the centre of your lips.



Night time Anti-Ageing Remedies

After a long day, your lips need to be treated to a moisturising session. Anti-ageing treatments that contain phytoestrogens, hyaluronic acid, retinols and peptides can help to naturally stimulate your collagen production. By doing this every night, you are naturally increased the firmness and fullness of your lips. To ensure the best results, combine your lip-focused creams with anti-ageing remedies that also target the fine lines around the lips.


Remember to Exfoliate Regularly

The three main steps to perfect lips are exfoliating, moisturising and plumping. While the previous steps targeted moisturising and plumping your lips, you will still need to exfoliate regularly for luscious, youthful looking lips. If you are rushed for time, running a wet washcloth across your lips can be a simple way to exfoliate. You can also use a dry toothbrush or a lip exfoliator to reduce the dry skin on your lips. In addition, exfoliating will help to increase the fullness of your lips by stimulating blood flow. Since exfoliating can irritate your lips, make sure to follow up each treatment with a good moisturiser.


You deserve to look and feel your best at every age. By exfoliating, moisturising and plumping your lips, you can reduce the fine lines and dryness associated with ageing. With a consistent lip regimen, you can get the luscious, alluring lips you have been dreaming about.