Why Your Dark Circles Keep Coming Back


When you have dark circles under your eyes, people may think you look tired or have pushed yourself too hard at work. In reality, dark circles can happen for many different reasons such as allergy season and your genes. If you have treated those dark circles before but they continue to come back, don’t lose hope. Knowing why they happen can help you minimize their appearance or prevent them altogether.


What Causes Your Dark Circles?

Young Woman Washing Her Face

It’s common for both men and women to develop dark circles under their eyes. Some factors include ethnicity and lack of sleep. According to WebMD, people with Asian or African backgrounds often have more pigment around their eyes. This condition is known as periorbital hyperchromia. However, your dark circles may keep coming back for entirely different reasons.



  • Aging – As you age, the skin around your eyes becomes thinner, thereby making the blood vessels more noticeable and creating dark circles.


  • Stress – Feeling stressed causes a host of problems, including lack of sleep. Getting enough sleep can help your eyes appear less sunken and reduce those dark circles.


  • Allergies – Hay fever and other allergies may cause you to rub your eyes excessively, thus resulting in red eyes and dark circles.


  • Dehydration – Skin cells shrink due to dehydration, making your dark circles more prominent.


  • Bad habits – Drinking alcohol dilates your blood cells, making dark circles stand out. Smoking may also produce a dark appearance under your eyes.


Other contributing factors for dark circles include excess sun exposure, pregnancy and anaemia. Even nasal congestion can lead to swelling of blood vessels near your eyes and cause a darker appearance.


How to Stop Dark Circles From Coming Back


Make lifestyle changes if you drink, smoke or eat unhealthy foods. Staying hydrated can also have a positive effect on dark circles and also benefit your body in other ways. If you’re suffering from allergies, an antihistamine may relieve your symptoms and reduce dark circles. Using a dark circle eye cream can also minimize their appearance and reduce puffiness. In fact, having a regular skin care regimen may brighten the area around your eyes and restore the look of your skin.


You don’t have to live with dark circles under your eyes. If they keep coming back, making various changes such as using eye creams, getting enough sleep and quitting bad habits can reduce dark or puffy eyes and replenish your skin.